Thursday, June 13, 2024

HomematicIP Arduino bridge switch actor

I´m a fan from the HomematicIP SmartHome system and I´m a fan from arduino. So as a fan of both, what do you need? Correct a bridge between HomematicIP and Arduino.

Homematic IP has a module which is called “HMIP-MOD-OC8” which offers 8 connectors. However when you add the HMIP-MOD-OC8 to your AccessPoint and try to use it via App you will very soon find out that the options here are quite limited. With the CCU3 you have more options but might not get enough.

This was the reason why I designed the “HomematicIP Arduino bridge switch actor” which allows you to trigger an Arduino Nano every and run programs inside it.

This bridge is used by me for the following projekts:

  • PowerOn/PowerOff a ReadyNAS via HomematicIP
  • PowerOn/PowerOff a Synology NAS via HomematicIP

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