Friday, April 12, 2024

Windows Hardening: Disable the Print Spooler Service

One of the key components to security has always been the approach of doing things in a minimal fashion. To that end one of the things administrator normally do are disabling unnecessary services like the printer spooler.

As the need from the “Printer Spooler” service depends on the usage from the OS, this step couldn´t be done on every OS. However on most Server systems the printer spooler isn´t needed at all and disabling the printer service is quite easy. Open the Windows Services, search for the printer spooler service and change the startup type from automatically to disabled. Then stop the service fully.

This normally disabled also the printer sharing, however not on every environment. So open the computer management and go to “Shared Folders” then “Shares” and disable the printer share. The most vulnerability scan engines detect that also as vulnerability if this is still in place, so you solved that then as well.

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