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[Resolved] A Skype for business user isn´t able to join meeting via invitation link

Abstract: A Skype for business [=SfB] user got an meeting invitation, but when he click on the SfB link the SfB client isn´t coming up and he is asked to use the “Skype for Business Web App plug-in”. How can that be solved, so that the the SfB client will open once he click on such meeting URLs?

Once Microsoft Skype for Business is installed on a computer, the local Microsoft Internet Explorer will become aware of special URLs used by the Microsoft Skype for Business environment. So if a user got a URL in the format and will click on that, the local IE will start to load the website, will detect a running SfB environment there and will normally lunch the local installed SfB client. However in some situations this didn´t happen and you wish to solve that.

Troubleshooting 01:

Check the URL. If the URL has an “?SL=1” suffix (e.g., this will force the SfB website not to lunch the local installed SfB client. This could happen if the user got a SfB link from somebody and this person modified the original URL and added this suffix.

Troubleshooting 02:

The lunch from the SfB client is controlled by the ActiveX plugin “MeetingJoinHelper Class” (e.g. LyncMeetingJoinAxOC.dll or MeetingJoinAxOC.dll). If this plugin is disabled, the IE will not start the local installed SfB Client when it is installed. To solve the issue perform the following steps:

1.) Open the Internet Explorer, click on the tools icon (A) and then open the “Manage Add-ons” section (B)

2.) Select “All add-ons” (A) then make sure that the “MeetingJoinHelper Class” (B) add-on is enabled. If that isn´t the case as seen in the screenshot press on the “Enable” button (C).

3.) Close the IE and restart it, to ensure the plugin will be loaded correctly. If the URL is used now, the IE will start the local installed SfB client.

Cross reference:
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