Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Windows 7 Convenience Rollup: Microsoft releases official ‘Update Pack’

Microsoft just releases and official ‘Update Pack’ for Windows 7, which contain all Windows 7 updates from the past as announced here. This rollup pack is called “Convenience Rollup” but is similar like to a service pack.

According to some Microsoft comments in the Technet forum, the reason why the rollup pack is called “Convenience Rollup” is due to the issue that a real service pack will change the support lifetime from the Windows 7 product (for more infos see this link here).

If a administrator with to integrate the “Convenience Rollup” in a fresh new Windows 7 SP1 image (as explained here), then he need to integrate KB 3020369 as well!

If you get a error message while you apply the Convenience Rollup to your WMI image, try to unmount and remount your image after you integrated KB 3020369.



KB 3020369 is now replaced with KB3177467 (download here)

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