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Windows 2012 Driver for HP ProLiant ML350 G6

If you wish to install Windows 2012 64bit on a HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Notebook-PC you need the following drivers:

Warning: Some of the drivers below aren´t officially tested by HP with the ProLiant ML350 G6. However they work on my device without issues.




2018.05.21 (2 Jul 2018) – cp036553.exe


2.33(30 Mar 2018) – cp035237.exe

HP Smart Array P410i Controller: 

v6.64 (1 Oct 2015) – cp027484.exe


LAN Adapter (Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet) / 3.29 (2 May 2014) – cp023221.exe [latest official HP ML350 G6 Firmware]

Note: Embedded NC326i PCI Express Dual Port Gigabit Server adapter, also known as HP Broadcom 1Gb 





Display Adapter (Integrated ATI RN50, 64MB video standard)


Use the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. As Windows 8, 2012 R2 and later OSes does not support XDDM drivers its not possible to use drivers which where made for the 2000/XP family (like 2008 R2). So the Windows 2008 Driver will not work on Windows 2012.

Note: Also known as ATI ES1000 Video Controller.


IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller ()


6.3.9600.16384 (2006-06-21) – Default build in Windows 2012 Driver [Note: Shown as Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller]

Seamed to be a Intel(R) ICH10 Family 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller


Multifunction adapter:


ILO2 Management controller (Also known as IPMI – Intelligent Platform Management Interface)

Note: ILO stands for Integrated Lights-Out


iLO 2 Management Channel Interface

[PCI\VEN_0E11&DEV_B204&SUBSYS_3305103C&REV_03\4&2F286296&0&22F0] (21 Oct 2016) – cp029664.exe

Note: will be reported as HP iLO Management Channel Interface Driver


iLO 2 Management Controller

[PCI\VEN_103C&DEV_3302&SUBSYS_3305103C&REV_00\4&2F286296&0&26F0] (21 Oct 2016) – cp029667.exe

Note: Will be reported as HP ProLiant iLO 2 Management Controller Driver




LAN Adapter (Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet)

[PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_1678&SUBSYS_703E103C&REV_A3] (2013-03-22) – Windows 2012 R2 Build in Driver (18 Feb 2014) – cp021802.exe

Note: Embedded NC326i PCI Express Dual Port Gigabit Server adapter, also known as HP Broadcom 1Gb 


Storage Controller (Smart Array P410i Controller) 

[PCI\VEN_103C&DEV_323A&SUBSYS_3245103C&REV_01] (1 Apr 2016) – cp028045.exe



Chipset (Intel 5520 Chipset)

6.3.9600.18939  (2006-06-21) – Build in Windows 2012 R2 Driver



Known issues:

If a PCI Express Card is used (for example an Wireless card), it seamed this is spinning up the FANs massively as the motherboard chipset gets very hot (its the one with the large heat sink on motherboard). So if you require WLAN on the ML350 consider if you might wish to use a USB one.






Maximum (RDIMM –  DDR3 Registered) 288 GB (18 x 16 GB)
Maximum (UDIMM – DDR3 Unbuffered) 48 GB (12 x 4 GB)

* speed may run at 1333MHz, 1066MHz, or 800MHz. If you plan to replace the RAM you should get a  1333MHz one.


The HP ProLiant ML350 G6 comes with two different boards. The board with the number 511775-001 supports only Intel X5500 series CPUs. The other board with the number 606019-001 supports Intel X5500 and X5600 series CPUs. Both boards are equipped with two two FCLGA1366 CPU sockets. The best CPU you can get (for the better board) is the Intel Xenon x5675 (Tip: buy two and use them as dual processor). The x5675 has 6 Cores with 12 Threads at 3.06 GHz. The required head sink has the part number 508876-001.


Cache Module:

Smart Array P410 256MB BBWC Memory Board (462974-001)
Anzahl der Module     1
Gesamtkapazität in MB     256
Takt in MHz     800

HP 512MB Flash Backed Write Cache (534916-B21)

Graphic Card:

The ML350 G6 has one PCI-e 16x Slot with 8 lanes, which might be usefull to install a dedicated graphic card. There are some persons out there which “performed” such an upgrade:

  • nvidia gforce 980 (
  • KFA2 GTX 1650 Super (
  • Asus Gforce 9600GT 4GB (
  • MSI Geforce GT710 (
    • Hardware acceleration for video (h.264)
    • HDMI up to 2160p (30 Hz) or 1080p (60 Hz)
    • DL-DVI up to 2560×1600 (60Hz)
    • low power consumption, so no need for 6 or 8 pin PEG connector (which the MP350 do not have)

As using a PCI Express (PCI-E) caused that the chipset got very hot you should consider a additional fan. Normally the Server is used in rooms with air-conditioner. For the power connection you can use the Power Supply Backplane to connect the Graphic card but need a special wire here. The easier war is to use a Molex to 6 or 8 pin adapter.

Note: Windows 2012 Server Support might be limited here!


Power Supply: 

There are 3 different Power Supply on the marked. A 460 Watt (with a blue sticker, it has the part number 638549-001), a 750 Watt (with a yellow sticker, it has the part number 511778-001) and a 1200 Watt (with a red sticker). The power supply’s seamed to be identical so they can be installed in a HP DL360, DL380, ML350, ML370, G6, G7, G8.


Identically devices:

The HP ProLiant DL380 G6 seamed to use as well the Intel 5520 Chipset




It you have something to update to the list, feel free to leave a comment, so we can collect all the infos.

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