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Windows 10 Driver for Lenovo T560 Notebook

If you wish to install Windows 10 64bit on a Lenovo T560 Notebook-PC you need the following drivers:

Warnung: Some of the drivers below aren´t officially tested by Lenovo with the T560. However they work on my device without issues.






The Lenovo T560 supports UEFI. To change from the Bios (Legacy) to UEFI perform the following steps:

1.) Change your Windows 10 OS as explained here

2.) At the Lenovo startup screen, hit “F1” for “BIOS Setup”

3.) in “Startup” tab change “UEFI/Legacy Boot” to “UEFI Only” and “CMS Support” to NO.


How to enter the Bios:

Via F1



It you have something to update to the list, feel free to leave a comment

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