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Solve “The remote computer requires Network Level Authentication” on Win 2008 R2

If you try to connect to a Windows 2008 R2 Server you might get the warning “remote computer requires Network Level Authentication”. But in the past you was able to connect to the server.

The correct error message you might got is:

Remote Desktop Connection
The remote computer requires Network Level Authentication, which your computer does not support. For assistance, contact your system administrator or technical support.
OK   Help  

The problems might be related to the following problems:

1.) Your local RDP client (not the on on the server) is not up to date

2.) The RDP Settings on the server are corrupt. To fix that login to the server via a remote connection e.g. a remote board or a VMware vSphere Client. Open the “Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration” and delete the “RDP-Tcp” connection you see. After you deleted it, recreate it with the menu on the left side. You can left the most options in the wizard untouched. After the connection is created you could choose properties and set it up like you have done in the past (e.g. add the certificate and the other stuff).

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