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Skype for business Server versions

Abstract: You need to install the latest cumulative update for your skype for business environment but are unsure which one.

So far the latest Microsoft Skype for Business (=SfB) always contains all previously released cumulative updates (=CU).

Here is a list of current versions:

Version Released Link to KB
6.0.9319.102 2015 – November KB 3097645
6.0.9319.88 2015 – September KB 3098601
6.0.9319.72 2015 – September KB 3090687
6.0.9319.55 2015 – Juni KB 3061059
6.0.9319.45 2015 – June KB 3061059
6.0.9319.0 2015 – Mai RTM Version

You can get the latest version via the following powershell command (from here):

Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\* | ?{$_.DisplayName -like “*Skype for Business*”} | Sort-Object DisplayName | Select DisplayName, DisplayVersion, InstallDate | Format-Table -AutoSize

The latest CU can be downloaded here (KB 3061064). A list can be found here.

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