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[RESOLVED] CHECK_NRPE: Error – Could not complete SSL handshake.

If your Nagios status website shows the following error:

CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake. 

The following could be the root cause:

1.) It could be, that the NSCP client is not configured correctly. You can check the default configuration here and check it again after that.

As written here, it is requited for some NSCP Clients to have the following entry in the nsclient.ini:

insecure = true

2.) The nagios server isnĀ“t in the allowed hosts list. So change the nsclient.ini on the affected server and add the IP address from the nagios server to the following section:


; ALLOWED HOSTS - A comaseparated list of allowed hosts. You can use netmasks (/ syntax) or * to create ranges.
allowed hosts =

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