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The debian (Linux) 1×1

If you aren´t a skilled Debian (Linux) administrator and use Debian (Linux) only from time to time, so you might need some basic comands in order to work with the system. Here are some which are often used:


Comand Usage
shutdown -r now Reboot the system
shutdown -h now Shutdown the system
sudo … run the … command as root
sudo -s temp. switch to root
free -h show the RAM from the OS
rm remove file
df -lhT Check Diskspace (free vs. used)
ip address show Show current IP(s)
ifconfig -a Show current IP(s)
rm -rf folderName Delete non empty folder
free -m Show used and free RAM
find / -name example.txt Search for a file. Note start in root with sudo to search everywhere!

Keep noted that some commands are case sensitive!

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