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Joomla 3.x pagenavigation overwrite

Abstract: If you develop a template for Joomla 3.x you might wish to change the output from the page navigation which produce the following default code:

<ul  class="pager pagenav">
 <li  class="previous">
   <a  href="/en/" rel="prev">
     <span  class="icon-chevron-left"></span>Prev
</a> </li> <li class="next"> <a href="/en/home2.html" rel="next">Next
<span class="icon-chevron-right"></span>
</a> </li> </ul>

To overwrite that output copy the default.php file from plugins/content/pagenavigation/tmpl to templates/[your_template_name]/html/plg_content_pagenavigation/, then you can edit that file and change the output above.

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