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[RESOLVED] ‘Microsoft Exchange Notifications Broker’ as stopped and giving a red error in the dashboard

Abstract: On a fresh new Windows 2012 R2 with Exchange 2016 you see the ‘Microsoft Exchange Notifications Broker’ as stopped and giving a red error in the dashboard. The fix is quite easy:


Click on “Services” and deselect the “Microsoft Exchange Notification Broker”


According to the Microsoft Exchange 2016 release notes:

Notifications Broker service stops after 30 seconds When you start your Exchange server, you might notice the Notifications Broker service start and then stop after approximately 30 seconds. If you attempt to start the service manually, it will successfully start and then stop, again after approximately 30 seconds. No errors or warnings are included in the Event log.

This behavior is expected in on-premises deployments of Exchange 2016. The Notifications Broker service performs a configuration check on each time the server starts. If there is nothing for the Notifications Broker service to do, it stops automatically until the next time the server is restarted.

It is quite normal that the service is showing as “stopped” so it should be safe to exclude it on the dashboard.

This is a per user setting, so if you have a team who manage exchange, then this setting must be implemented in each profile on each exchange server.

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