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Howto send an email using telnet

Abstract: When troubleshooting email issues, it may be useful to send emails from your server directly over the Microsoft Exchange Server using the telnet application. This guide shows some basic steps to send an email from your server.


– Install the telnet client (not the telnet server) on the affected Windows OS.

Via the following steps you can send an email over the MS Exchange Server

1.) Open a CMD (an command prompt)

2.) Now connect to our MS Exchange server via port 25

telnet 25

3.) After you got a connection to the MS Exchange Server type


if that didn´t work use


and press enter

4.) enter the from email address you wish to use in the format:

mail from:

Then press enter

5.) enter the email address from the persons who should receive the email in the format:

rcpt to:,


rcpt to:

then press enter

6.) To write the message – type data, followed by your subject and message. To end the message, put a period on a line by itself

Subject: My Telnet Test Email


This is an email sent by using the telnet command

Then press enter

7.) Type quite to exit the telnet message


8.) Your email is submitted to the server. If you see any errors during the steps above it might be due to:

– The server you are using currently isn´t allowed to send emails via the MS Exchange environment

– The email addresses aren´t correct

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