If you run a application and got the error message "The program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer." then the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is missing on the current computer.

This error appears when you wish to run a software which require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012. The redistributable can easily be downloaded on the Microsoft website as x86 or x64 edition.

Depending on the software you wish to install you need to install either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version. If you do not know which version you need to install, start to install the 32 bit version and if you still got the error install then the 64 bit version. On a 32 bit OS you can install only the 32 bit redistributable.

You need to install the correct Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. If the software you wish to run require the 2012 DLLs it will not start with the 2010 ones.

You can install both versions on the same computer at the same time (if this is a 64bit OS).

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  1. No name

Good Thank you....

  1. Vikash Mishra

Thanks! it helped me a lot....
Heartly thanks....

  1. Tim

Great, thanks!!

  1. Ryan

msvcr110.dll missing

  1. Signe Bindesbøl


  1. Signe Bindesbøl

Denne fil er forsvundet MSVGR 110

  1. aquatec

where do i download?

  1. Bernd W    aquatec

There is a link (which is underlined) in the posting above. Why don´t use use that one?

  1. Alex

it worked, thanks a lot for posting!

  1. very pleased man

Yes! Thanks m8 it helped very much :*

  1. Andrew La

it didint help me

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