If you check the event log on a sharepoint system you might see the following erros "Object Cache: The super reader account utilized by the cache does not have sufficient permissions to SharePoint databases." or "Object Cache: The super user account utilized by the cache is not configured.". But how can you solve that?

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If you write custom modules for Joomla it is often useful to get the output from an array. So normally you use


But this often kills your complete design and you need to remove that at some development point. A easier way would be to put the output from print into a variable and then output the variable to a comment section (so that it can be only view in a comment section):

$myDebugVar = print_r($yourArray, true);
echo '<!-- '.$myDebugVar.' -->';

Pretty easy or?

Please note that you must remove this above in the final version! Otherwiese everyone could get the content from your array, which could then lead to some first steps to hack your component!

If you try to configure the Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0.x to configure Microsoft® Active Directory® authentication you get the error message:

The Microsoft® Active Directory® account that you specified is not configured to support single sign-on authentication. You must associate a service principal name to the Microsoft Active Directory account before you can add the account to the BlackBerry® Administration Service.


Solution 1:

In order to use this feature the server you wish to add via the BlackBerry Administration Service must be a KDC (Key Distribution Center).